Occupational Safety and Health

In order to comply with all relevant requirements related with “Safety and Health regulations for workplaces” in Germany, we would like to provide assistance with the answers to the most important questions. We are aware of the fact that a competent and sensitive handling of our customer`s data and information is a must.

In this regard, we provide our services as required optionally either for the individual needs or as package offer. Our scope of services ranges from: “Educations/briefings according to § 12 (Arbeitsschutzgesetz) Safety and Health regulations for workplaces” over “first aid courses (also in English) and fire prevention training (also in English)” up to “Risk assessments according to § 5 and § 6 (Arbeitsschutzgesetz) Safety and Health regulations for workplaces”.

If you like to get an overview of our product range please take a look at our “Product Chart”.

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